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License Agreement

This license agreement is subject to changes without prior notice.

We (ikiAuctions) do not guarantee that our products will be error free. The software is licensed on an "as is" basis. ikiAuctions, any of its employees, management or affiliates may not be held responsible or thus liable for any possible damages resulting in use or misuse of any information, content or products provided by ikiAuctions. IkiAuctions may make changes to any products or to the prices for any reasons at anytime without prior notice.




Buying of our product(s) means that you are licensed to use the product you purchase on one domain name and server. The code, documentation, appearance, structure, and organization of our products are still be owned by ikiAuctions.

No refunds will be provided, guaranteed or given under any circumstances. IkiAuctions does not accept any returns nor make any refunds for the product. Refunds will not be given if the client's server doesn't meet the requirements. Refunds will not be given for missing features. The features and capabilities of our products are clearly stated on the respective product detail pages. You are fully responsible to determine if the product is suitable for you before the purchase.

IkiAuctions does not support nor troubleshoot the alterations made by the customer.
We do not offer any support service if the script has been modified by the customer.

The customer's own modifications are not taken into consideration in our updates. IkiAuctions is not responsible for the overwriting of the customer's modifications.

Redistribution / Resale
IkiAuctions strictly prohibits the redistribution or resale of our products and/or the modifications on our products. We will take legal action against any users who are found to be pirating ikiAuctions products. You may
contact us if you want to be a reseller of our product(s).

The License does not include any free Support.

We do not ship our products in a box. All our products are delivered via download.

This License Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and ikiAuctions with regard to your use of the product(s), and any and all other written or oral agreements previously existing between you and ikiAuctions with respect to such use are hereby suspended and cancelled. IkiAuctions will not accept any counter-offers to these License Agreement and all such offers are hereby categorically rejected.




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